How to repair water damaged kitchen cabinets

How to repair water damaged kitchen cabinets

how to repair water damaged kitchen cabinets
After some time, water can annihilate the external shell of your kitchen cabinets, harming the completing and obscuring the wood. Now and again, water harm can likewise render your cabinets futile, particularly in situations where you’re managing a water spill in the cabinets under your kitchen sink, or a comparative issue.

In the event that your cabinets are made of material like pressed wood, delamination and twisting can be not kidding enough to require a total bureau redesign.

This is what you have to think about water harm in your kitchen cabinets.

MDF and Compressed wood: What’s the difference?

MDF and Compressed wood
Your kitchen cabinets are likely made of either MDF or compressed wood.

MDF represents medium-thickness fiberboard. It’s a built wood composite material that is fundamentally the same as molecule board yet is more grounded and denser. It’s additionally less expensive than compressed wood, and smooth, so you don’t need to stress over bunches or defects in the surface.

Pressed wood, then again, is likewise a built wood item yet is made by restricting sheets of wood facade together into a solitary, strong piece. Compressed wood is accessible in various thicknesses and grades, so it’s constantly conceivable to locate a decent one for your undertaking. Compressed wood is additionally more grounded than MDF, and won’t be as defenseless to water harm when it gets wet.

3 Steps how to repair water-damaged kitchen cabinets

how to repair water-damaged kitchen cabinets
On the off chance that you have water harm under your kitchen cabinets, here are the means you’ll have to take to determine the issue:

1. Assess THE DAMAGE

First of all: you must see precisely how genuine the harm under your kitchen cabinets is. This will depend, in huge part, on whether your cabinets got wet because of a burst channel, high mugginess, or spilling water.

As you assess your cabinets, think about whether they are basically stable. Are the paste joints stable? Has the compressed wood distorted? How a significant part of the bureau is damaged? Is the bottom rack of the bureau sufficiently able to hold weight, or is it drooping and waterlogged? Has delamination happened?

Responding to these inquiries will assist you with concocting an activity plan for your cabinets.


Since you comprehend the extent of the auxiliary harm, it’s a great opportunity to think about what must be done to repair it. Enable the clamminess to dry before you make this stride.

When the bureau is dry, you can assess the harm further, and accumulate supplies. When in doubt, it’s savvy to have craftsman’s paste, clips, and screws close by.

While the accurate fixes required will rely upon the degree of the harm, most help experts will start to fix a delaminated bureau by spreading paste between layers of delamination. When the glue is spread, they can clasp the sheets together with C-clips.

Thinking about how to repair water-damaged molecule board cabinets? Start by checking for isolating supporting. On the off chance that you discover any, it implies you may need to have the old props brought down and reset with new screws and paste. The screws will draw your bureau together and make it simpler to restore dependability.


In the event that you notice that there are portions of the bureau that are damaged hopeless, it’s a great opportunity to supplant them.

For instance, the bottom rack of your under-sink bureau might be waterlogged and drooping, and substitution is likely the main choice. Remember that this procedure can be muddled, and it’s insightful to have an expert view the circumstance before you conclude how to continue

Problems water damaged kitchen cabinets

Water Damage

1. Water and steam can make your completion strip, split and stain
2. Normal issue regions
3. Water spotting and water rings on table tops because of spills, plants, and cups
4. Underneath the kitchen and washroom sink because of water running down the cabinets
5. In the kitchen close to the dishwasher or more the espresso pot because of steam harm
6. Steam from the shower will harm restroom cabinets

Missing Finish

1. Long stretches of mileage will take your polish off
2. Corners of cabinets without any handles lose their completion after continued opening and shutting
3. Consistent cleaning, oiling and finishing cabinets and furniture can expel the completion

Bluntness, Fading, Dryness

1. Throughout the years, finish may dull and lose shine because of age, sun harm, and so forth.
2. Oils and cleans will disseminate rapidly and create additional dryness which can prompt breaking and stripping (Does not seal the oils in)